Paige didn’t know why she was out here, alone in the dark. She had no reason to be out and about right now, too dark to try and collect herbs and roots. Shops in the town were closed and ponies were fast asleep. Paige had trouble sleeping, even as a foal she roused at the slightest sounds. Taking walks seemed to ease her mind, lately she kept coming to the same little hill in the pasture’s clearing. Just past the trees and out of the sight of wander ponies, Paige would stand here.

Staring up into the black night sky she let out slow sigh like breathes. Longing ached inside her, what for? She couldn’t tell you, she didn’t even know herself. Defiance itched beneath her coat. She could hear her Nana’s words now murmuring in the back of her mind, "Don’t show… Don’t let anyone see them." Paige swallowed and lowered her wings out from under her coat.

The air tickled her feathers and made her shiver. It was cooler out than she realized which only made her breath feel sharper. What was the point to having wings? Paige thought to herself, Why have them if they can never touch the sky. Awkwardly she stretched them out, testing the weak muscles that strained to pull them above her back. Years of binding and being curled up out of sight withered them. Now they looked just like long ruffled mess of feathers attached to her back. Paige stretched again trying to raise them higher and higher but something tugged them back. Swallowing the knot in her throat her wings lowered and her head wobbled down. “Don’t show… Don’t show.” She choked a whisper to herself feeling her wings droop, the tips brushing against the ground.

Paige knew better. She didn’t know what Nana knew, but Paige knew there had to be a good reason to keep her wings hidden, tucked away for years and years.  There just had to be a good reason, right? She felt the sting of tears in her eyes as she turned her head to pull the coat over her wings again, making sure to tuck all her feathers under before leaving the pasture.

Whatever she was looking for tonight, she did not find it. Paige turned and left the field in hopes that maybe tonight she would fall asleep much easier than before.


More concept sketching of Drake the dragonfly changeling.

Even tossed in some defeated looking charming for kicks.

More of Drake and Princess Charming to boot~

I miss drawing these two soooo freaking much.

I think Paige is kinda cute, and Drake looks really cool! (It's sort of my headcanon that the random holes the changelings had was because they were starving - they'd begun to physically waste away. Properly fed changelings are more solid, and as a scout drake would need to be topped up in prearation to explore.)

I actually never thought of it that way? See guys this is why I just adore hearing about other people’s thoughts and concepts on alternative worlds. This is a REALLY COOL CONCEPT, they’re literally starving and being devoured alive which makes them desperate and just the whole escape explodes! IT’S REALLY COOL.

Yeah, in my AU of mlp stuff I’m not sure how I’m even going to portray Celestia/Luna if they will be lore or princesses or what, but in that world where Drake and Charming live there are actually multiple kingdoms and multiple alicorn families who help rule. And there will be just so much fun plotting to do with it all ahhh I can’t wait. I need to just sit down for a week and work on their world and their stories. <3

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, this is so cool I really liked it and might have to use a bit of it for my own stories with the changelings.

On some nights like this, peaceful and calm… Paige can’t help but stroll outside without her cloak. She knows better, she understands it’s for her own good… But something pulls at her. And boy does it feel good to have the cool night air tickle her thin wings. As if the air itself is pushing her forward. Paige is tempted, the urge to open her wings lingers within her. But she stops, opens her eyes, and sighs. All before turning back and going inside once more where no one can see her or her wings.

Here’s a fun one that you guys will either love it, hate it, or just not care! These are concepts for my alicorn / changeling concepts.

I have an Alicorn OC. Her joking name for her is Princess Charming since her concept is around the “Prince Charming” concept where a guy comes and rescues some damsel.

However in reality Princess Charming isn’t a princess at all. In fact her name is just Paige. We mostly call her Paige Charming as a full name. Paige grew up with her nana in a far off cottage away from towns and other ponyfolk. She didn’t get to interact with other ponies and play like normal foals. She grew up under the careful care of Nana who strictly told her under no circumstance was she ever to show her wings. They must always remain hidden.

And thus began the large collection of cloaks, coats, and hoods. Paige eventually lost Nana, not until she was older luckily. But she learned to cope with a life of solitude and making magic charms for luck, health, and prosperity like Nana had taught her.

Then enters the Changeling, I did change up their designs to my own personal liking. I wasn’t a fan of the random holes myself, so I based him off more of an actual insect like a red dragonfly. He is part of the changeling army on his way to help over throw one of the neighboring kingdoms… On his way there though he discovers Paige. A perfect little gem to feed off of and hoof her head over to his queen. That’s their job after all, destroy all alicorns.

So Drake takes on the form of a fellow pony to help ease her out of her life style just enough for his uses…

How the story continues? You’ll have to wait and see. I plan to do a lot more with these two! I’m very excited about their story.

Annnd here are all of the other ponies and character of Cafe Delights! Earth ponies and more!
Poppy, Starcrossed
Bud, Trinket
Neapolitan Twist, Cinders
Sleepy Star
Lacey, Bruce
Drake, Princess Charming

Annnd here are all of the other ponies and character of Cafe Delights! Earth ponies and more!

  • Poppy, Starcrossed
  • Bud, Trinket
  • Neapolitan Twist, Cinders
  • Sleepy Star
  • Lacey, Bruce
  • Drake, Princess Charming