Divide is one of my many OC ponies. It’s tough growing up in a family of earth ponies and you’re the only pegasus, no one to really teach her how to fly or take care of her wings properly. All things she had to learn on her own or outside influence.

Divide actually learned how to fly by finally getting frustrated enough with her wings and literally leaping off a canyon ledge. Just before reaching the inevitable end, she opened her wings and the wind just took her.

Ever since then she’s completely enjoyed the rush of falling from hundreds of feet up in the air, how the wind catches her mane and pulls at her wings just as she opens them. It’s like being caught by the air itself.

Because of her love of free falling she found her cutie mark, using her free falling skill to smash into things with incredible force. She works as a landscaper and canyon keeper to make sure the roads are clear and calm but kicking out any lose rocks so they don’t slide down on any travelers below.

Divide also has a baby sister named Trinket who’s an avid little treasure hunter and loves to try and follow around her big sister to the best of ability.

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    That anon that complained about your work being too sketchy? Punch ‘im. Destroy ‘im. Those are wonderful, lively works,...
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